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  Welcome to use, which provides services for adults and make them know each other on the website. It is run by (hereafter referred to as “this site”). provides services for you according to the following services terms. These terms not only are applicable to all the contents of the network host name (hereafter referred to as “website”) but also can be applied to any communication between us by e-mail. Before you use the service of, please read the terms of service carefully

I Acceptance clause:

The contents include the body of the agreement and all the rules that has been issued or may issue in the future. All rules are an integral part of the agreement and share the same legal effect as the body of the agreements.

1. Entering in China by any way and using the services indicates that you have fully read, understood, and agreed these terms and conditions of this agreement (collectively the “terms”).

2. has rights to revise terms according to the need of the websites, to updates in the form of notice in the site, and doesn’t notify you alone. Once the revised “terms” are released by this site, it becomes effective. If you do not agree with the amendments, please immediately stop using “service”. If you don’t agree relevant rules, please stop using the services at once. If you continue to use the services, then we will think you have accepted the terms revised by this site. So when there are disputes, we should refer to the latest terms.

II Qualification for register:

1. You must be at least 18 years old to register as a member in this site or use this site. Membership of the service is void within the scope of the prohibition. Your use of the site claims and ensures that you have the right, power and capacity to sign this agreement and to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2. Safety of the account and password

After completing the service’s register process, you will receive a password and account number. It is your responsibility to keep your password and account safe. You should shoulder all the responsibility of the activities that use your password and account. You agree to:

1) When your password or account was used without authorization or when any other security problems occur, you will notify this site immediately.

2) Whenever Internet access is completed, you should switch off your account f. If you fail to act according to foregoing provisions, you should take full responsibility when anyone makes use of the password and account. For any loss or damage because of this, this website cannot and does not shoulder any responsibility.

3) Each user should be fully responsible to all the activities and events within his account. If you do not keep your account number and password to you, you will bear full responsibility for the damage to you, this site and manufacturers.

III Termination of service

1. You agree in the case of this site is not charging you, this site may this site has discretion to terminate your password of service and account (or any part of it)or your use of the service for any reason(including but not limited to the site believing you have violated the literal meaning and spirit of this agreement ,or you act without complying with the literal meaning and spirit of the agreement ).You agree in the case of the site charging you, should be based on reasonable suspicion and under the situation of via email notice to put the action of terminating the service into force. After the termination of the account ,the site have no obligation to retain any information associated with you in the original account, or to forward message that have not been read or sent to you or the manufacturers. In addition, you agree the site will not take the responsibility to you or any third party of terminating services for you.

2. You have right to ask the site to log out of your account ,after the agreement of the approval ,the site will log out of your account .Then the contract relationship between you and the site based on the agreement will be terminated. After cancelling your account, the site have no obligation to retain or disclose any information in your account for you, and have no obligation to forward information that you have not read or sent to you and manufactures.

3. You understand and agree after the termination of contract relationship between you and the site that:

1) The site has right to continue to retain your data.

2) When you have some relationship with others during your use of the services, the relationship does not come to an end because of the termination of the agreement. Other users have right to claim right to you, and you should fulfill your obligations according to your commitment.

IV The content posted and prohibited in the site

a. The information you provided to and posted in the site must be accurate and true.

b. Any data you transmitted or data published on the site will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, besides personally identifiable information because it is related to identifying persons based on that information. We do not take responsibility for this kind of data. We and our designated persons can be free to copy, disclose, distribute and integrate the data, and use all the data, images, sounds, texts and other content within the data in other ways for any or all commercial or non-commercial purposes.

C. has right to review and delete any content, email, instant Messenger information, photos, or profiles (collectively considered as content) as long as thinks this kind of content violates this agreement or the content is offensive, illegal or the content violates rights ,does harm to and threaten the security of members by a reasonable judgment.

d. You must take full responsibility for content that were published, submitted, posted, displayed (hereinafter refer to post) or content that were transmitted to members by services. You claim and ensure that the content whenever you published (a) is accurate (b) does not violate the agreement and (c) will not hurt anyone in any cases.

e. Announcing contents to any public areas of ComeBiBi.Com indicates you agree, you automatically grant and you claim and guarantee that you have right to grant ComeBiBi.Com an item that cannot be canceled ,that are permanent, non-exclusive, completely paid of, that has worldwide permission so that you can use, copy, implement, display and spread this kind of information and content, and you can also prepare the derivative works of this kind of information and content or integrate them to other works and grant above right re-authorization.

f. The following are illegal or partial lists of the content that are prohibited on this reserves the following rights :modifying the lists at any time, investigating anyone that violate the agreement and taking proper legal actions based on its own judgment. These actions include but are not limited to deleting abusing communication from services and terminating the membership of such violators. Including content:

Obviously offensive to online community, such as the advocacy of racial discrimination, prejudice, hatred against any group or individual or the content that bring actual hurt to any group or individual.

   Build out their profile or using their photos without the permission of a third party.

     Harassing others or inciting others.

     Involved in spreading “spam”, “chain letters” or mass unsolicited mails or “spamming”;

     Broadcasting information that you know is false, misleading, or broadcasting illegal activities, or broadcasting actions that are abusive, threatening, obscene or harmful to others' reputation.

     Providing instructional information about illegal activities, such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating others’ privacy, providing or arouse computer virus.

     Asking for passwords or personal density information from other users and apply them to commercial or illegal purposes.

     Participating commercial or selling activities without our written permission in advance, such as competition, gambling, deal, advertisement and pyramid scheme.

V Notice

Without special provision, any notice between this website and you shall be send by message or e-mail, and the e-mail address shall be same as you provide to this website during your registration, or other addresses designated by relevant parties.

VI About Cost

Costs about your transactions, this website gets assigned all taxes which may be incurred for services rendered, as well as communications, network services and other fees shall be borne by you. This website retains the right that either temporarily or permanently changed or stopped part or all of “service” in the case of only website publication without needing written notice. This website has the right to change the prices, but it will notify you before the arrival of your next payment. If you don’t agree to these changes, then stop using after the expiry of the period that you are currently using. If your offer has a specific duration and price, then the price will be valid in the period .After the end of concession period, your use of service will be priced according to the new standards.

VII Privacy Security

It’s a basic policy of this website to respect the privacy of users, so this website mustn't open their privacy, edit or rent ,sell them to anyone without the permission of users, following situation except:

1. You agree information should be shared with the third party.

2. We can provide products and service to you as long as you tell us your personal information.

3. To avoid emergent danger in life, body or property, to prevent infringement on other's rights and interest.

4. We need to provide information to the companies that supply products or service on behalf of us. (These companies have not the right to use your identity recognition information)

5. We need to follow court summons, and legal command or program.

6. We found your violation on service terms or any provision on products and service about this website.

VIII Other things

Your use on this website stands for your acceptation on this agreement, which will be further confirmed if you become a VIP of this service, and this agreement contains all the protocols between you and about using this website or service.


If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, the reminder of this agreement will continue to retain the complete effect and binding.

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